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Gardening Services

Whether you would like a ‘one-off’ spring clean of your garden or you require a regular mow, weed and tidy, I am always pleased to jump in.  Some people just like an extra pair of hands to help around the garden, while others prefer to come home on a Friday evening and see a garden fit for weekend admiration and relaxation.  Dare I say it, there are some who can’t bear gardening and prefer to be totally ‘hands-off’!  Whichever category you fit into, I am sure I can help in some way.

Like many people, you may be baffled by the variety of plants, the restrictions of where and how to plant them and rather than enjoying the garden you become a slave to it.

I provide a reliable, local friendly lawn mowing and gardening maintenance service in the local areas surrounding Grayshott, Hindhead and Bordon.

I am not professionally trained or qualified, I simply have an enthusiastic passion for gardening.

I can provide my own machinery and tools although prefer to use your lawnmower whenever possible as it is far more practical and less time consuming for me!

Here is a summary of the types of gardening jobs I undertake, I will take on a variety of tasks so please contact me if you want to discuss your gardening needs:

  • Lawn Mowing
  • Lawn Care
  • Edge Trimming
  • Weeding Beds and Borders
  • Planting Beds, Baskets and Pots
  • Planting Advice
  • Border Landscape Advice
  • Garden Layout Advice
  • Hedge Trimming (Small Hedges, nothing that requires scaffolding)
  • Pruning
  • General Garden Tidying
  • Gardening Companion
  • Holiday Watering and Deadheading

I am happy to work on plants in your greenhouse or potting shed too.

You can contact me either on or call me on 07855 386 792